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New Player Limited Time Event — Discount Draw

To celebrate the number of players in Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Evolution has exceeded 10K. We are going to release the limited-time event of Discount Draw. After finishing the New Player Tutorial, you will see the button on the upper-left side to access the event and tap on it to enter Grandpa’s Shop.

Event Participant: New Players

Event Requirement: Within 48 hours starting from when the character is created.

Event Content: 50% discount on drawing card with Gems

Base on Yugioh game player’s recent feedback, we’ve optimized the game including matching robots in Duel City, the freezing issue in the battle result page, and the Pharaoh's Key calculating issue when matched with robots. The Total Top-Up Giftpack and New Player Limited-Time Event, Discount Draw, will be updated as well. In addition, this update fixed several bugs that have been reported by our players. Please enjoy the game!